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Thai King is Dead and WTC Nuclear Demolition!

Dear Recipients,


The King of Thailand has been dead since about the end of 2008. The current King of Thailand is a fake one. The Government of Thailand does not dare to announce his death because it will put Thailand in great trouble. The King of Thailand was keen on photography and he has been seen using his outdated Canon G9 camera even as late as 2012. In addition, his double forgot to remove his watch and appeared to be wearing two watches in the public. These were big mistakes. In addition, Mr. Dimitri Khalezov knew of the King's death from a close friend of the King's body guard. Visit thaikingisdead dot com or download the file at www dot mediafire dot com/download/3b7n1h1mw59lu4c/RT3(new) dot zip. Be quick, the links may not last long.


Mr. Dimitri Khalezov is an important researcher and witness to the 9/11 event. In fact, he was a nuclear intelligence officer in the former Soviet Union. He testifies that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were demolished by three underground thermonuclear devices during the 9/11 event. As a matter of fact, there were large cavities found at ground zero (point of nuclear explosion in all English dictionaries printed prior to 2002) and tens of thousands of first responders and local Manhattan residents have suffered from cancers as a result of exposure to this radiation. Google "Dimitri Khalezov" and visit 911thology dot com or 911-truth dot net. There are videos and pdf files available for your research. Don't miss them.



The Thai Police and Judges have been warned not to touch Dimitri in 2012. However, they did not listen to his warning. Dimitri has been framed by the Thai Police for allegedly using and making fake passports, however he is innocent. On May 1st, 2014, he was sentenced to 1 year in prison by the Thai Supreme Court. The Thai officials were warned seriously multiple times to release Dimitri and make compensation to him for their wrong doings. Otherwise, his friends will publish this damaging information - the King of Thailand died. Now, the deadline has passed and the high ranking Thai officials have yet to respond. As Dimitri is a man of word, his friends have no choice but to execute his will accordingly. In turn, the current Government of Thailand will be punished.


The world is cruel to Dimitri. He is the one who has the back bone to stand up and disclose the truth about the 9/11 event so clearly. It turns out that very few people understand and accept his explanation. The main stream media is ignoring the truth about 9/11 which is much more important than Snowden's case. Now, he is in prison. Nobody speaks for him. So, please help this upright person - Dimitri Khalezov. Tell your friends and relatives about the nuclear demolition of the WTC during the 9/11 event. This is an injustice that Dimitri has suffered in Thailand. The death of the Thai King must be known so that the Thai people can free themselves from the current corrupt and illegitimate military government.


In fact, this email has been sent to over one hundred million of recipients. Do not be afraid to forward it as much as possible.


Furthermore, we have created an online petition to ask United Nation Human Right Council for help. Please sign it.

secure dot avaaz dot org/en/petition/United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council_Free_Dimitri_and_Thai_People/



Take action now! The truth will set you free!


Good friends of Dimitri



To know more about Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center, visit

911thology dot com/nexus1 dot html

911thology dot ru/nexus1 dot html

911thology-thai dot com/nexus1 dot html

911thology-arabic dot com/nexus1 dot html


The download links for Dimitri's full book about the 9/11 event are listed below

mediafire dot com/download/i5qvsnpdvl3ivur/9-11thology-third_truth_v4_full dot zip

mediafire dot com/download/p8kdj6mhzcaccr6/9-11thology-third_truth_v4_full dot zip

share-online dot biz/dl/ZNB7H0SM5EJ

rapidshare dot com/files/3252256303/9-11thology-third_truth_v4_full dot zip

911-truth.net/9-11thology-third_truth_v4_full dot zip


Previously, we have two email accounts dkcontact1999@gmail.com and free.dimitri@gmail.com being suspended because they are mentioned in our mass email delivery

which reveals the Thai King's death and WTC Nuclear Demolition. Now, we get two new email accounts for future communication, they are free.dimitri@freenet.de and free.dimitri@qq.com.
We hope these email accounts will last long in the future.
If the above mentioned petition is suspended, please download the letter as below

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